Journal of Environmental Biotechnology and Microbiology

JEBM is an international Open Access journal and peer-reviewed journal committed to research articles, review articles, short communications, mini-review, and opinions in the field of environmental biotechnology and microbiology. Environmental biotechnology is a really big firm across the world and this journal is almost covers all aspects of environmental-related topics. The aim of this international journal to spread awareness about environmental issues and natural resources like the biosphere, and thus provide the current research in the field of environmental microbiology and biotechnology. Journal of Environmental Biotechnology and Microbiology is an open-access journal that helps to publish the research article, review article, short communication, mini-review, and opinions without any restriction to scientists and researchers across the world.

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Research Article

Research Article

Probiotic Research : The Future Therapeutic Potential

Shahidur Rahman*,Sk. Md. Jakaria Al-Mujahidy, Md. Shahjahan

Research Article

The Simian Crease: A Significant Phenotypic Indices of Palmar Dermatoglyphics among Bangladeshi Down syndrome patient

Hossain MM1*, Ashrafuzzaman M2, Islam S3, Khan MH4, Ahamed MS5 and Sultana S6

Review Article

A Review on Antimicrobial Activity of Simarouba Glauca and their Approaches

Prashant Sunehre, Shivani Mittal and Sameer Sharma*

Selva Selvaraj (Editor)