About Us


Council of Life Science is the Global network hub for all online courses, scientific research, workshops, Conferences and Seminars. The Life Science community brings all of us together from across the globe, Institutional Collaboration and from Health Network Sources. The COLS Publishing House & Online Courses are free to access and objectives to provide scientific research from all areas of Life Science.

COLS has many key areas which focused on Career development and Scientific research around the world.

Council of Life Science is a worldwide online Life Science learning
platform & Publishing House founded in 2020 by COLS and The team which provides certificate courses, Short -Term Courses, and Long – Term Courses.

Council of Life Science provides courses, quizzes, weekly exercise, and assessments. COLS also provides the additional courses on demand, in which candidates could take their time in completing the specific courses.

COLS Publishing House

COLS Publishing House is an open-access publisher of academic
journals established in 2020. COLS operates an Open Access policy,
wherein the user has to pays for publication, and COLS publisher
makes the papers available free of cost.

Council of Life Science also organizes the Webinar and Conferences
in the respective areas of interest.

If you have any data or content which you feel would make a good E-course, Please contact us:

Write Us: admin@colscience.org